When making an offer on DomainAgents, in most cases the buyer is required to buy a DomainAgents credit to open the negotiation.

Of the amount paid, $10 is set aside as incentive for the owner to engage in the negotiation.  If you accept or counter the offer, you can claim the incentive as a $10 payment via Paypal, a DomainAgents credit you can use to make an offer on a domain, or you can choose to have the $10 donated to The Red Cross, Water School or Oxfam. 

If you decline the offer without making a counter offer, the incentive can only be directed to one of the charities.

The incentive is added to your account at the conclusion of the negotiation.  Click the Owner Payout tab in the Admin to choose your incentive.

Most offers qualify for the incentive.  If you list your domains in the market and enable free offers, there is no credit payment to share.  In a few cases, free offers may also be enabled if you have listed your domain for sale in another public marketplace.