DomainAgents works with thousands of buyers and sellers every month to assist with the negotiation process.  

When searching for a domain to register, at many sites you may see links to "Make An Offer" on already registered domain names, we proudly power this service for some of the top registrars.

We work with whois lookup services, domain name "spinners," as well as many domain owners directly.  We've built a strong reputation for assisting buyers and sellers through the negotiation process, because of this many buyers are coming directly to us as well.

Offers you receive from DomainAgents are qualified by requiring the buyer pay a fee of up to $29.95 just to make the offer.  This eliminates the majority of frivolous inquiries that domain owners are forced to deal with regularly.  

And remember, when you engage with an offer that arrives from DomainAgents, by simply countering the opening offer, DomainAgents pays you $10 via PayPal for your time.